Source of Silence

“The Source of Silence”

What is silence?

Sirshree begins by explaining that silence is the source of life, and it is a manifested source of all existence. Silence cannot be described in words. When taking the concept of spirituality it has been given different names such as DIVINITY “I Am That,” “Sat Chit Anand,” “Universal Self,” “Pure Consciousness,” “Beingness,” “Absolute Truth,” and so on.

The book touches on some vital points, like the obstacles we humans face when reaching silence. We have trapped our minds by a different web of emotions and mazes of true desires. With every chapter passing by, the author starts with an example by narrating a story to make it easier for the readers to understand the remaining chapters. 

The author teaches that the fundamental purpose of the human body-mind is to think and express itself where our self wants to experience and express its qualities using the body-mind. This is the whole and sole purpose of the human body-mind, and we need to be receptive to silence and allow the self to express its fullest potential.

“To attain the blissful state of Silence in all situations, we need to erase the past recording of frozen thoughts from the mind and record what we want in life afresh”

One of the many points that I liked from the book was the focus we can put on breathing. It’s what keeps us alive, and changes with every emotion. Also, by focusing on breathing, we get the knowledge of the extent to which the negative emotion has affected us, and if we practice breath watching regularly, our breath will begin to normalise naturally and we will get to see its benefits. 

The entire purpose of the book is to understand silence and the benefits it contains, once attained. With chaos all around us, this book can teach you the methods to find your inner silence.

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