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Way Of Living

The book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, composed by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia Puigcerver, talks about this thought from the writers’ visit to a town in Japan called Okinawa, home to the biggest populace of centenarians on the planet.

Frances Miralles and Héctor García investigated the mystery of the elderly in Japan. Why do the Japanese elderly become so extremely old in certain areas in Japan? What are they eating? What are they doing to stay active? How do they deal with stress? What does their social life look like? All of this is discussed in this book

The book also includes insights from those over the age of 110 , from all over the world. García and Miralles convey clear, compact data about diet, workout, stress, rest, and reflection. While minimal here is new, the authors have skill-fully gathered key thoughts related to physical and mental prosperity into an engaging, effectively available organization with records, graphs, and representations.

The book also consists of short case studies from Viktor Frankl to The American Diplomat to teach about the hurdles they faced while being joyful at the same time. A chapter that really intrigued me was about what the world’s longest-living people eat and drink. It covers healthy topics like the secret of green tea and the way it has been credited for centuries with significant medicinal properties and giving benefits like.

  1. Controlling Cholesterol
  2. Lowering blood sugar levels
  3. Improving circulation
  4. Protection against flu (Vitamin C)

By offering basic knowledge, the author has proposed basic tasks and made it easier for the reader to participate in them.

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