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The Revolutionary ‘Steve Jobs’

Walter Isaacson, 577 pages book looks genuinely overwhelming however there is a pleasant combination of individual detail and expert improvement which makes it genuinely easy to read.

The book proceeds to clarify, how Jobs was adopted which caused him to feel deserted and special. He oftentimes stumbled into trouble at school and afterward dropped out of Reed College in his subsequent year. Walter clarifies about Jobs having a standard temper yet, in addition, an amazing present for improving items and simplifying them to utilize.

Steve Jobs

Isaacson does go on to explain some negative aspects of Jobs’s life which include cheating his friends out of money, cutting old colleagues out of stock options. He fired people without asking them. He bullied waiters, insulted business contacts, and humiliated interviewees for jobs. He lied at the maximum degree whenever it suited him – “reality distortion field” is Isaacson’s preferred phrase. Like many bullies, he was also a crybaby.

The book gives a reasonable image of a genius who was practically difficult to live with, a current Mozart maybe. It gives a target record of his good and bad times at Apple and shows both the qualities and the shortcomings of the man.

There is an intriguing side story of the rivalry between Jobs and Bill Gates including the last griping that while he was saving the world from intestinal sickness, the world was keener on new products made by Jobs!

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