Why should you read Patna blues by Abdullah Khan?

There are various reasons your brain provides you before you pick that paperback from crosswords or a dusty rack of yours, but the best picks are those which come randomly, like raindrops on a summer evening. It gets better if the book fulfills its promise of taking your time and giving you back a feeling of worthiness that this one deserved.

Let’s shoot through the reasons why you should pick this sweet one:

  1. Lucid writing. Abdullah khan reminds us of Arvind Adiga in “The white tiger”
  2. The book doesn’t shy away from the truth. There are various instances of communalism, poverty, and class difference apparent in the writing which makes this an unputdownable book. 
  3. You must read it if you are Bihar. The nostalgia of the ‘90s and the kind of ignorance the state has faced gets very obvious with Arif’s story. 
  4. You must read it if you are not from Bihar. One of the rare pieces of literature from Bihar about Bihar and for Bihar. The book roughly chronicles the Lalu years(1990-2005) in Bihar and shows an aspect that is lost through Bollywood eyes. This provides a new insight for anyone, who is not from Bihar. 
  5. Last but not the least, Bihar’s political environment which comprises caste politics a little more than religion politics is correctly captured in the book.

Although the book changes its tone to a pulp in the later stages, it keeps the momentum intact.

Who should read this one:

  1. Anyone interested in the history, socioeconomics, and politics of Bihar.
  2. Anyone looking for a gripping read.
  3. Anyone who is in love or has ever been in love.

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